oh my i„,

You know what I love? When someone posts art they didn’t do without mentioning it isn’t theirs, without bothering to source it (or hit it on some reverse image search to find the source) and on top of that not even bothering to look at the signature that’s sitting right there on his shoulder and run it through bloody Google.

Nice job being a bag of reproductive organs.


and then what bothers me most is that reposts get more notes than the original posts

seriously, this is stealing

Thanks for supporting the person that basically told me I shouldn’t reproduce

This is a fucking image on the internet that I can’t read the signature of and don’t know the source of

lmao its a fucking picture i didnt know it was ILLEGAL ppl do that all the time

he didnt fucking mean to take it without permission or w/e sigh

Oh you! Just so you know, it actually IS illegal! There exists a multitude of treaties on intellectual property and even an organization concentrating on that, called World Intellectual Property Organization XD And I’m pretty sure, wherever you’re from, that you country did sign at least one of those treaties:))

Click the image and save it on your desktop.

Drag the image into this box:

Get these results:

Find the orignal post:

Reblog that post or at least credit.

Holy fuck balls rocket science.

700 notes#credit people #omg really?

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